Shaq Paid For a Stranger's Engagement Ring


A jewelry store buying some hearings, and he noticed a gentleman paying off a debt for an engagement ring. And he walks over. He was like my man. How much? How much is the ring in? The guy told him And he's like, Oh, I want to pay for it. I'm gonna buy it for you. And the guy was even at first Kind of like I can't accept this. And then shack was like No, This is something I do. I like making people smile. Please let me do this for you. You know what I find more interesting. It was in a zeal store. Yeah. What shocked doing And saying to him is cool, though. I mean, I know what he was doing there. No, right. It is cool. Well, maybe the earrings word for him to see where he rings you don't wear hearing says he I thought he did. But now I can't make it Could have been a diamond stud or something. Yeah, that's true. Yeah, maybe. Okay. All right. Um,

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