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Speedway in hampton georgia. Where closing in on the start of the motor craft five hundred fourth race of the nineteen ninety-one nascar winston cup series. Alan westwick along with barney hall. You've heard already today. From dick brooks jim phillips in winston kelly who are covering the pit road for us this afternoon. Let's introduce you to the other voices we'll be bringing you. The action of the motor craft five hundred around this one point five to two mile an hour speedway first off up interns one two. This racetrack is joe more from wbz x. Radio in hampton virginia. Thanks out on first off a report on the track drying conditions the jet blower is still out here. Interns one to trying to get some of the remaining dampness off the track. We are seeing the grey asphalt just about throughout the whole running surface only down on the apron of the race track. Do we still see the dampness from the reins we had earlier this morning. Things look pretty good here. Of course this racetrack has turned that does straightaway. So it's very important to get a car handling going through the turns many times z. Cars go in two or three wide coming off turns to here but the tricky part getting into turn number one to set up for those moves. Enter to it now this back straightaway. A lot of action. We've seen over the years here this afternoon. Of course plenty of room down the inside for the cars to run off the grassy apron here on the outside a concrete retaining ball and later in the race when the groove moves up we see those cars running very very close the outside retaining wall gets to be some tricky moments turns one and two and guess to be equally tricky going up into three and four not a lot of banking to catch the cars and they're running better than one hundred and eighty five miles an hour and this week down that back straightaway and go up into turn over three to cover the action for him are an over there this afternoon from daytona beach florida. David hiatt barney thank you. You're right when they come off the back straightaway. That's probably the whitest area this racetrack. So there's a lot of racing room it's nearly one hundred fifty feet wide down the back straightaway. Then it gets very tight down to about sixty feet wide as they dive in to the third turn. It's bank twenty. Four degrees on this end of the speedway and most of the drivers have to duck right down to the white line at the bottom of this racetrack. As the day goes on the group will slip up just about two lanes as they hit three. And four and on around to the front straightaway now. The crucial part of the race in this turn is that the sun generally sets behind turn three and that makes a blind spot for these drivers go. That doesn't look like it will be a problem today. I think some would be a welcome commodity over here field continuing to circulate around mile and a half atlanta motor speedway behind the safety car from the starter stand. They have now withdrawn the indication that will go racing at a couple of laps. Still needing to do some more. Drying work on the front and back straightaways it also in the lower parts of the corners at the end of the race track. Show they're gonna continue to let the field run behind the safety car for a few more laps to try and work some more heat into this track before. We'll go racing. let's go down. The pits in winston kelly. We're standing in the quaker state. Buick pit and larry mcreynolds is now talking to one of the nascar ficials. We're going to try to get a word from him. In just a moment to see if brett bodine has said anything about the conditions of the track he's still talking to one of the nascar officials so we'll try to get a word from larry mcreynolds in just a moment barney. The cars came by. They completed the ten laps. They said alan i. And you're kind of monitoring the nascar radio no indication yet as to win will green but apparently they are going to make a few more laps and right now they nascar. Officials are working with their inspectors on pit road with the crew chiefs. Who in turn are talking to their drivers on the race. Track one of the inspectors. You heard winston. Kelly say talking with larry mcreynolds conversing with brett bodine in the outside pole sitter. There's an inspector in the narrow. Walter pitch jeff hammond talking to his driver. While of that being relaid up to the control tower here atop the start finish line and making sure drivers are completely comfortable with the condition of the track before they'll tournament. This is a fast racetrack. Deceiving by shape. But we're talking one hundred seventy five miles an hour at this racetrack. It's third-fastest on the circuit. So you wanna make sure that your racetrack is in good condition before you turn them loose. While the nascar officials certainly will not put this race under green until the track is ready to race on full speed. We'll take a minute while this track. Drying efforts are continue. Gentlemen stepped into ruth right now. Mr jack clissold sales and marketing manager for ford motor. Company is here with us this afternoon. And i know you folks sponsoring the motor craft five hundred and i saw you down there with bud moore and his guys this morning encouraging them to go and win this thing but A whole lot of encouragement today but he had some fun with us. Of course an engine yesterday or sometime we small hours this morning and i'm sure fingers crossed out there. He's he's super people jack. It was obvious and watching. You walk around the garage and talking to all the folks in there that you are a true dyed-in-the-wool race fan. I'm about as true and died in the world. You're gonna find brake. We join me down here today. Just came up from Gainsville yesterday afternoon we got rained out. Of course yesterday. We had some fun on friday night with some our customers and thoroughly enjoyed that experience as well. But this one's new information. I first time grand marshalling. I hope not the last time it was fun. You'll enjoy today for sure. I know you have a whole bunch of motor craft folks here. A couple of our people from emery spoke before a gathering yesterday afternoon and they were really looking forward to coming out here and seeing their car run. Today we appreciate the support. Your network review had fun at this thing. We appreciate your stopping by. We hope you have a great day and thank you for coming on to talk with exposure. Indeed thank you very much. That's jack of the sales and marketing manager of the ford motor company grand marshal for today's motor craft hundred hours Dick brooks. I was in that meeting yesterday or that dealer had and i enjoyed it a lot. Jack appreciate them. Invite us by and i'm standing in the pits with but more that the owner the car that that motor craft sponsoring but As the mortgage said anything to you about race conditions or track conditions. Well it says little bit damp in the middle of both corners where practically in a little bit but he. Maybe it's gonna be right solder you handle start with that we get away from the mouth and these Pay rent golf good here. But moore's car runs good here in In the future. i'm sure they'll be one of them. They'll reckon with when they get the race under way were now coming from the nascar control. Tower that the next time by we will get the green and yellow flags so the next time the field comes by. We'll begin counting the one of three hundred twenty eight laps. It'll make the distance up this afternoon. And the motor craft five hundred but we will start under yellow while the field continues to work some heat into the front straightaway and dry out the entire racing group of the atlanta motor speedway. She'll will get the green and yellow. This time when the field comes off turn four. We'll take too much longer to get this racetrack greib. The problem is there is no sunshine as we said it's totally overcast. Day it is very cool out there. The wind is blowing a little bit and that will help it. Dry a little bit quicker but the heat coming out of the header pipes on these winston cup cars right. You can almost see it. Change each

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