With Outdoor Concert, New York's Lincoln Center Starts Path to Return


Lincoln Center, held its first concert in over here on Wednesday. As Jeff Lunden reports. It was the first concert of restart stages, which will fill the art center with outdoor performances and rehearsal spaces it over the coming months After speeches by Mayor Bill de Blasio and others. Members of the New York Philharmonic's brass section played a fanfare. Ah, a small invited audience of first responders sat masked in socially distance pods of two under a grove of trees to hear the short concert. Doctor is male. Nobile of Mount Sinai Hospital who'd been on the front lines of the covert pandemic, said he was grateful to be in the audience that Z such a treat Such incredible treat trombone player Colin Williams of the New York Philharmonic said he was grateful to completely forgotten what it's like to perform to have an audience and to stand up and feel that energy again for

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