Can Companies Force Employees To Return To The Office?


As vaccinations rise a growing number of employees or returning to the office. But what will your workplace look like. And can your company require you to get vaccinated. Here's joe lynn. Kent as companies planned to bring employees back to the office. The reality of returning is setting in. It is a little nerve wracking if my company like forces me to go back. I'm going to try to look for another job and the questions are piling up. How are you going to keep us safe. Have been vaccinated. Can an employer require you to come back to work. If you're getting the job done just fine at home. There's no reason that employer can't require employees to return back to work if they think that would be most effective even for employees who had been working productively efficiently while masks social distancing and reduced capacities will likely be required. What about vaccines three have been authorized by the fda for emergency use and full approvals are expected but can private companies mandate them. The law does permit an employer to require employees. Received even vaccine. That only has an easy way whether fully approved or not you have to make reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities or sincerely held religious beliefs and when the doors do reopened things will look very different. We installed uvc lights which basically as air comes into the building it kills all airborne pathogens and brings fresh air into the building at rio design firm in los angeles. They're also installing massive fans spacing out desks and opening garage door. What was their number one priority. Our primary priority was to really find a genuine way to do it for ourselves safety as a baseline but then we started to implement big ideas of really understanding what to do. And the office when you're coming in two days a week. What were we prioritizing in. Our work process one popular new strategy for employers new more personal desks instead reserve an empty desk ahead of time on an app.

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