Houston's Harris County to remain at Red COVID-19 threat level


Cohen Cohen numbers numbers continue continue to to plummet plummet here here was was County County Judge Judge Lena Lena Hidalgo Hidalgo says says the the numbers numbers here here aren't aren't good good enough enough for for her her to to lower lower the the 10 10 month month old old code code Red Red threat threat level. level. We We just just got got through reviewing them again, and the experts tell me there is not a scientific reason to review them. So I would love and I'm sure I would get a ratings boost as the governor. You know, bragged when he made his announcement to say, Let's open everything. This is over. Good news. Everybody loves to deliver good news, but unfortunately my job is to protect the community. Hidalgo has had Harris County and Code Red since last June, despite used fluctuations in the county's covered number. Since then,

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