Jimmy Garoppolo Is Reportedly ‘Plan A’ For Patriots At Quarterback

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So much has been made about the potential of a reunion between jimmy g. and bill be in new england. The forty nine. A quarterback is under contract for two more seasons but new england needs a quarterback and they may look to trade for garappolo that is according to a very interesting piece. That are mike. Reese put together over the weekend who covers the patriots for so well and he gets up with us earlier today. Mike for those who did not read. It gives us a sense of your thinking on the possibilities. Here of jimmy g. Coming back to foxborough so good morning green. I would say as a reporter covering the team there so much secrecy around the patriots quarterback plans so i was asking myself the question. What do i know for fact and for fact. What i know is that the patriots bill. Belichick he holds jimmy garoppolo in such high regard. And it's one thing for me to say it. But i could actually show it to you. I mean there was a picture after the forty niners handed the patriots their worst home loss in two decades under bill belichick. We're bill belichick. Steve on the field to talk with jimmy garoppolo and josh mcdaniels. The offensive coordinator was standing nearby for his. Turn to talk to jimmy garoppolo. So the point. Is this screening. If the patriots believe jimmy garoppolo is their plan a and the big gap to plan b. Now is the time for them to at least test. The forty niners commitment to jimmy g. and so then. That begets the obvious next question which is if they do decide to your point that that's what they wanna do. How do they get it done. Well got to give credit to michael lombardi. The longtime nfl front office man who was here with the patriots when the patriots drafted garoppolo in two thousand and fourteen on his podcast. The gm shuffle. He said how about sam darnold going from the jets to the forty niners who in turn with then trade jimmy garoppolo in a situation controlled by garoppolo. 'cause he has a no trade clause and you saw the respect. There was mutual between the patriots and garoppolo. Well you'd think jimmy might like the idea of a homecoming in that scenario greenie. That could work for everyone. The forty niners would pick up a lot of cap space in that exchange. The patriots would get their quarterback through they respect so much in the jets. Your jets would probably take a quarterback at number two which might be their preference anyway.

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