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Apple can goodbye to a friend. The big homepod. We can signed this homepods to the deep so two weeks to go in a way to say that The difference between the macro and the homepod. It is like the grand canyon in these things and yet boy feels like apple settling all family business right. This is going to the like you're out. You're out to get out get out. I find it fascinating that they said. We are focusing our efforts on homepod mini. Because that is such a strange little a phrase that i think probably is only intended to explain that homepod mini continues to exist right. Which is why that they have added all of you know they add this two sentences about homepod mini before mentioning their discontinuing. The home god. I don't know if i will take it as evidence that there will only ever be a homepod mini and there won't be any other homepods like products from apple. I think that's debatable. But it is watching. Apple grapple with product. Discontinuation is just a fascinating thing. At least they didn't put on ice like g four cube. So there's that Do you think that the homepod is a failed product. Is it a failure. I know of is going away but like the i mac pro wasn't a failure and it's going away is the homepod failure. I mean yeah. Yeah i i mean

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