Nurses At Saint Vincent Hospital In Worcester Near Boston Go On Strike


In Worcester are on strike. WBC's James RoHaas reports Day one started early this morning. And at this point no one knows when it will end. The last nurses strike. It took place at ST Vincent Hospital was about 20 years ago and lasted 49 days. This strike, according to nurse Bill Leahy could go longer. Realistically, I don't think they're gonna budge. But I think if you have the community of Worcester that we have served for so many years, you have the legislative people behind us. You have the public and I think maybe the pressure at that point might turn it around. Some 800 nurses are joining bill out here by the entrance of the hospital on Summer Street, striking against staffing numbers and hospital conditions. Tenet Healthcare is the parent company and says they've presented the best proposal to nurses in years and cause this strike it during a pandemic Irresponsible and Worcester James RoHaas WBZ Boston's news radio at 11

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