Washington DC Mayor Bowser reflects on year of COVID-19 — and looks to the future


Would not have believed one year ago that a worldwide covert pandemic would provide the opportunity to rethink just how DC operates. But as part of our look back here, a double duty opiate the last year our own Meghan clarity reports this morning, the mayor is reflecting on regional partnerships and what New downtown experience might look like Mayor Muriel Bowser says she's proud of the district's response to the pandemic. But looking back that the region could have worked to present a united response. When it came to restrictions and mandates. It would have been my great hope that the counties that surrounds us would have been and more lockstep. Um, to be perfectly honest, because this virus doesn't know borders. While she says each leader did not react the same way to health data, the pandemic has forced the region to rethink how it comes back, How we use our streets, how we can support and repurpose vacant businesses how we can attract new industry. So all of these things Are different, but they present opportunities. Read more and see my interview with Mayor Bowser

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