A highlight from Meditation: From Head to Full Being (2021-04-28)

Tara Brach


Widening even further descents this whole body simultaneously as the field of sensation tingling vibrating pulsing heat cool letting everything happened. You can continue to wide melons to include sound listening to the sounds in the room and my voice coming and going listening into the space. That's here into the silence so that you're listening to and feeling the whole moment aware in the foreground changing sounds sensations feelings in the background so been fueled of way coolness happening so. Let the sphere homebase dissuade full openness receiving the changing experience moment to moment. That's right here. Sound sensations At some point you'll notice there's been a drifting from this living reality into a virtual reality of thoughts not a problem. That's really natural and as you notice you can choose to come back home again. You might simply start listening opening the attention to the sounds that are here. And then listening to in fueling the aliveness the tingling and vibrating in the body the movement of the brat relaxing with. What's happening relax your heart finding your refuge in living presence in this being nece right here noticing what's happening

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