A Journey to the Strange World Beyond Our Screens

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Questioning. Our relationship to technology is something. We've done a lot of over the years at outside magazine and on this podcast pacific louis. We have investigated the benefits. We get when we disconnect from various devices and instead seek out connections with the natural world and with each other. If you're listening to this show that probably resonates with you it definitely resonates with the people you just heard. They are friends of the journalist. Chris collin he called them up to help us work through some of the big ideas in his curious new book. It's called off the day. The internet died a bedtime fantasy. Here's how chris explains so off is a funny picture book for adults and adult like children. It's a parable about the death of the internet and what happens to us when that occurs. If you were to look at it at first glance it looks like a sort of like a children's picture book with really interesting Beautiful slightly demented artwork. It's i even know maybe thirty something pages. It's a very slim book okay. You're a serious journalist. You've done being reported feature stories for a bunch of publications including outside and the new york times magazine and wired. So how you go from that to writing. What is very much a kind of silly book here. I think we're all a little defensive at this point in our relationship with internet. No one wants to be scolded anymore. About how we spend too much time online. No one wants to be told yet again that we need to break up with our screens or whatever there was something else that was a little more interesting to me and something that i don't think it's talked about quite enough. What gets neglected. Is this other side of ourselves at came to think of it. As our offline cells. It's just sort of slowly. Vanishing right is because of all the time we spent online so these offline selves in us. Basically we have these versions of ourselves about our lives that are not getting lived. And i think there's something valuable in being reminded the big zest

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