A highlight from 137: Rusty Egan!


Bring. Hey everyone out there before we get into my chat with rusty which was taped last february in a cafe on the grounds of a cemetery in london. I want to let you know if you things first off. I'm half backs now. Last twenty four hours. I got my first dose. I hope that you are on the same path if not already ahead of me. Also i'm really thrilled to share this chat with rusty with you because he's really one of the most influential people of the last thirty forty years of pop music. If you think about the blitz club the impact that had the camden palace which he ran a dj dj the blitz club of courses wealth. In case you didn't know and of course as one of the co creators of his aaj coming. Do i need to go on. We'll guess what we're going to get into that and a whole lot more in our chap also rusty story is one of never giving up and always coming back even when people count you out when you almost count yourself out. So there's a lot of aspects to this story that i think are perfect for right now and his energy is quite something basically. You're in for trade as always but before

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