A highlight from Janis Joplin Episode 3: Otis on Acid, the Liberation of Chocolate George, and a Beatle in the Haight

27 Club


Elvis. Janice joplin died at the age of twenty seven and she lived the life that often put her in the right place. At the right time. I can give you twenty seven reasons. Why that statement is true. One would be the motley family of outsiders consisting of bikers musicians hippies and beat knicks that she assembled in and out of san francisco twenty more will be the number of feet into the air. She found herself ascending. The night she bore witness to the one and only otis redding and other to be the number of hells angels out on bail. Who received a heroes. Welcome in the panhandle with a soundtrack courtesy of big brother and the holding company. One more would be the number second chances she would get to our crowd in monterey have a performance immortalized on film for the entire world to see and three other would be the

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