How To Transform Anxiety Into Something Useful

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My fabulous. Co host is dr chloe carmichael. She's a friend of the show. You've seen her podcast before her podcast before we love to have you back And actually dr khloe. You have a brand new book out. Congratulations thanks so much amer. Yeah i'm really excited. And we just got an endorsement from deepak shop press so that new yes and so the book is called nervous. Energy harnessed the power of your zaidi. And i love this because it's really about sort of taking our anxiety and transforming it into something positive. I think that you know so many people. These days are telling me that they've got batting zaidi. Do you think that's a relatively. You know newish thing i do. I mean we've had so many stressors in the world lately right like just left and right twenty twenty was like the year of the stressors But the way that you know people are freezing that to you. I think is so interesting. When people say like wife had batting's diety you know Because we don't have to always necessarily think of it as bad but it does snowball if we think to start with anxiety must be bad then we get anxious about having the anxiety and you know that actually makes us more anxious and it can even prevent us from actually just dealing with whatever the source is of the anxiety and the good news is even that the anxiety can actually become a real plus mother nature gives us a little boost of adrenaline and our focus. Even visually actually gets better when we have a certain amount of anxiety and that boost is because it's there to help us to deal with stressors but if we don't know how to channel and we ruminate we get stuck

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