A highlight from Free Agent Risers and Fallers (03/22 Fantasy Football Podcast)


Of adam. Dave jamie benn free agency pod. It's been a busy couple of weeks. I want to thank all of you listeners. For joining us for every one of our shows. listen everyone. twelve bonus podcasts. Plus the regular regularly scheduled ones that you're different some gaffe. Twelve and a half. What was the one quarter. I guess we just did that. I started started over. Yes this is taking. Hit the record button. This just not alive. The answer the answer to your question is curtis samuel thanks which free asia wide receiver has moved up. The boasts the rags. That's where we're going to start everybody. I already did this. What everybody said curtis samuel was basically the only wide receiver free agent who has moved up in the rankings. Which is something except. Chris also gave a little. Love to corey davis. Isn't that right chris. Yeah yeah. I know it's the jets and you know we don't think anything good happens with the jets. But they lost adam gates. That's all i need to see. A history of corey davis didn't lose adam gates. Its players. lose. Adam gates are very stam darnold or whomever is the starting quarterback did so it's gonna it's going to spread out to everyone. Okay draft levy on bell this year folks dave and that statement though that basically the free agent wide receivers they either like like alan robinson and godwin. They stayed put but the changes weren't weren't great for these guys fuller to the dolphins got into the giants Mccloy sorry samuel the to washington. That was the best one Corey davis of the jets. What am i forgetting here. Nelson lord of the patriots. Just wasn't wasn't great for these guys. You're john brown to the raiders. I mean there. There's minimal guys made sandwich but that actually is interesting. Why didn't john brown move up. He goes then move up. But you asked to move who would create the most right That's my bad. Sandra moved up a little bit. All right questions straps. there's no question about it. Which wide receiver which free agent wide receivers move down the most in the rankings. Oh yeah. Let's go dave chris jamie. I don't know if we'll fuller typically move down more than kenny golladay. And i'm really only thinking about the big guys i mean. Nelson galore was a flop going to new england especially once all the tight ends that were free. Agents went to new england as well. I will say the aga- for is the one who i wasn't really high on to begin with and once they went to new england with cam quarterback. Don't really want them chris. I i think it's like jude and move down. Because he stayed in the same spot and my expectations didn't change as a result of that but he certainly lost the most value in my eyes from a from a potential standpoint. If he had gone somewhere where he could have been you know either the number one or one a wide receiver. I think You know that would have been really good for him. And i guess technically he'll probably be the one b in pittsburgh. He was last season. But i have very little faith and ben rothlisberger at this point. I think you know. Hopefully they try to rework their offense. But i definitely need to see it before i believe in. I currently have juju outside of my top thirty six okay jamie which wide receiver free agent wide receiver. Move down the most probably all day. Just because he was a top twenty inside top twenty for me and he'll be outside the top twenty four not by much but I'm curious to see how he's gonna do with daniel jones but i'm not overly excited about it for hawaii can't can't imagine why okay. Let's go over to running backs. Chris jamie dave which free agent running back has moved up most in the rankings. Chris sorry my cat stepped on the mutual. Yeah you're getting a sense of of the today. Podcast like chris carson. Juju smith schuster. Didn't obviously he's value didn't change because he staying in the same place but one thing that's going to be going back to seattle is going to be a better situation for him in two thousand twenty one than it was last season because they are probably going to recommit to the run and get back to you know twenty eighteen twenty nine thousand nine when he was eighteen kerry per game guy. I don't think he's going to be that again. But i my initial projections moved up to number twelve at running back. Yeah we talked about that on fantasy football today and five which already recorded so chris carson for you up to number twelve jamie which running back has moved up the most in the rankings. Free agent mark. Ingram can't be more excited about him. I mean you the fact that he stayed where he is a great situation for him. I wouldn't have been upset if he went to. You know situation that would have been on par Not that many. But you know. The falcons is one for example arizona would've been one But you know staying in a spot where you know. They're going to run the ball. They improve the offensive line. So far They still have russell. Wilson has now so hopefully Things are just as good if not better for chris. Carson and dave and yeah carlos hyde get he averaged a six and a half carries per game it was eight games where both hide and carson were healthy the same time and did not leave with injuries six and a half carries per game. It was kind of interesting some games he had to carry some gives you fifteen carries weird Six and a half is what it averaged out to. Dave which running back has moved up the most free agent in in your rankings. Frazier running back. I think carson's the answer. And even though rashad pennies still there. I think everybody's just going to give the benefit of the doubt to carson. And it's great that he's still there. But i think aaron jones deserves a little bit of love to the fact that he stayed in green bay the jets and and the dolphins.

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