Adapting Your Marketing Strategy in the Creator Age


Talk specifics. Kept about how this shift that we're talking about is currently affecting brands and specifically their marketing strategies. Okay so few things. If you're a brand rate now. Your marketing strategy is not media heavy enough at all and it's not create crater focused enough at all and it's probably very mono media it's probably text and maybe a little bit of video and certainly no audio and one of the things that i love. The hubbub podcast network is like we saw the growth. An audio we had our own shows but we knew we were only going to get so far and we. We notice that there was just an amazing group of creators out. There like yourself. John and so many others that were like. Wow how do we bring them together and also solve a core problem for listeners which is manned. it's really hard to find a discover. New shows still really hard to find the best audio content. That can help your business help. You grow as a person as a leader and so we thought about was like. How do we bring those those things together and create a great network so you may be listening to your show john and hear about another awesome episode on a really high quality related show. That's already been vetted and thought of by us and by yourself and people can just have a real kind of continuity inexperienced to their audio consumption is really kind of lacking today and i think if you're a brand that's what you tried to do work with the best creators your space and reduce the friction for your audience. Help your audience find the best information as easily as possible. See i love this fire nation. And you're seeing this an actual that. I promoted today at the top of the show. I talked about my first million which is another great podcast in the house by network. Yesterday i talked about being boss tomorrow. We're talking about business infrastructure. I mean this is. What's happening when you can cope promote when you can home england's a company that you know frankly has done this spectacularly well for years now is wondering where they just cope great shows and their own network and guess what they just got bought by amazon for three hundred and thirty million dollars. So you can see what happens when you build the right infrastructure and you adapt to the shifts in you. Make things

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