A highlight from 1522: Q&A with Diania Merriam - Am I Putting Away Too Much Money for Retirement & Help with Student Debt


Our first question comes from lillian. Who says i've been interested in financial independence for a while just to create options. But i don't have any clear goals around retiring early. I'm wondering if i'm putting too much money into retirement vehicles and if all regret it one day when i figure out what i actually want to do maybe i wanna start my own business or take time off or add real estate investing to my portfolio. I'm not really sure yet. I'm in my mid thirties with a net worth of about four hundred grand. I'm holding a year of expenses in cash as an emergency fund. So thirty six thousand dollars. I've got the bulk of my investments in retirement vehicles. That's two hundred and fifty three thousand dollars a chunk in an after-tax brokerage about forty grand and seventy five thousand of equity in my house. My only debt is my mortgage. And i don't really care about paying off my house early. I've been fully funding my retirement vehicles each year so twenty nine thousand across 401k roth. Ira hsa. because i don't know what else to do with head. And i figured the tax benefits are good enough reason to put my money. Here is possible on putting too much money into retirement vehicles that i won't be able to access before traditional retirement age. I'm worried i'll get the clarity. I'm looking for on other ways. I could be using money now. But then have to spend more time working and saving since i made most of my money inaccessible. Thanks so much to lillian for this great question and i just want to start off by saying girl you are killing it. I posted your question in our facebook group called for the fight curious and the members there were celebrating you just in case. You missed that i think. Your question exemplifies what. I've learned about money through my own journey. Money is only as valuable as your clarity on how you're going to use it and your comfort level with how much is enough. You're not gonna get that sense of comfort and peace of mind about your money until you have some more clarity. I get the sense that you've bought yourself the opportunity to start asking some bigger questions. How do you want to spend your time. Who do you want to spend it with. And what do you wanna create. While you're spending your mental energy pondering these kinds of questions. I would keep doing what you're doing in terms of saving and investing. You're doing a great job. Taking full advantage of the tax benefits that come with retirement vehicles so from a numbers perspective. This is the optimal place to put your money. But perhaps some money would be well spent unsold searching right. Now take a class on something that interests. You take a break from work to knock off something on your bucket list. Perhaps find some kind of retreat coach or mastermind group of other people finding their own clarity. It might be time to use some of your money to find clarity on. what really makes you tick. You can dial down your retirement contributions

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