JetClub Launches in Europe


Hello this is. Bill kerry senior editor with business and commercial aviation and welcome to this day. Podcast i am pleased to be joined by mr mitchell here with the co founder and president of us-based fractional ownership company jet it and now the founder of a new sister company called jet club which is based in europe the founders of jets. It announced the launch of jet club in march of visual. Thank you for joining us today. Thank you bill. Happy to be here. You founded jet it twenty eighteen and since then have launched jetted canada in jet club to serve the european market. Could you describe your plans for jet club where it will be. Based which destinations it will serve in. How the fleet will be operated and maintained shar shar so As you rightly pointed out we we started in the us. I under the jet brand with my co founder. Glenn we both worked at honda aircraft company. And what we noticed during our time at honda aircraft was that people love the aircraft. It is a very fast efficient on spacious aircraft and what people were telling us was that they love the aircraft but because of the the fixed costs and the various costs and the various logistics. That's needed to to fly in manage aircraft. They didn't see the need to own a whole aircraft. So so we got this question constantly boat in the united states as well as internationally where i was spending quite a bit of time marketing. The honda jen. And so you know we. We decided to launch the us first because obviously in the us has aviation is the most prevalent is the biggest market and following our success in the us where we have had a phenomenal fleet growth and And a lot of fractional owners. That have joined our program.

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