When School Nutrition Education Is Based on Toxic Diet Culture

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I'm encountering disturbing practices at my children's school. My seven year old came home and didn't want to enjoy her glass of chocolate milk. Because it quote unquote has too many calories. She said after she read the nutrition label. It turns out the first grade. Teacher is teaching them how to read nutrition labels and not to consume things. If there's too many calories. I'm completely appalled and angry about this. Especially since my kindergartners. In the same school i went through a debilitating eating disorder. Myself am now thoroughly anti diet and seeing dieting in diet culture for what it is. My question is how do i approach this with the school. I'm sure they think this is okay and quote unquote healthy. But they're really just damaging young minds who should be focused on coloring pictures and not reading nutrition labels before every meal. We're teaching them. How wrong this is at home. But teachers have a huge influence. So i feel. I need to contact the school and try to stop it. Thank you for your time if you get a chance to read this. So thank c. k. For that great question. And oh so many thoughts on this but before. I answer just my standard disclaimer. That these answers and this podcast in general are for information on educational purposes. Only an artist substitute for individual medical or mental health advice. So first of all my heart really goes out to you for having to deal with us. I know how hard it is on parents. Trying to raise anti diet. Kids win our whole culture. Everything that's around them and surrounds us is diet culture and especially having your own eating disorder history. I know how visceral your sense of anger and frustration with this probably is so i would definitely contact the school and talk with these teachers about the issues with this. The issues with teaching kids about calorie counting and reading nutrition labels. And i think your intuition is spot on that. It really is important to contact the school and talk to them about this. So these t shirts probably think they're doing the right thing and they live in diet culture. So i'm sure they believe that calorie counting is good and is going to help these kids quote unquote stay healthy right. So it's important that you share with them that this actually has really negative unintended consequences that they weren't aware of because i think they want to do good. You know everyone for the most part has good intentions especially educators and so just alerting them to the fact that this is actually really problematic. Might be helpful.

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