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We should do is just let steve tells about q code beginning and then we'll drag him back to premium podcasting topic. So why don't you give us the four one one on what you're doing over your code. What will share. Thanks guys So yeah i code I'm chief strategy. Officer code really specializes in immersive scripted. Fiction podcast so these are fully sound design scripted shows that often have you know amazing stories ayla celebrity talent and are produced in a really high technical level We mix master at dolby. Atmos and do some really cool things in the audio for listeners. Who haven't experienced fiction before these are shows that kind of hearkens back to the old radio days You know war. The world's is an apt analogy to what people are familiar with. But rather than using the sort of old techniques of production coconuts and wash words and those kinds of things. These are producer really high level and an amazing listening experience. Something that really is a great addition to everyone's like diverse podcast listening experience actions in trying to do something a little bit different. You know prior to joining code. I spent a long time at apple. where i did editorial partner relations and marketing on apple podcasts. Before that i actually still worked in podcasts but in apple's education group where i worked on. It jew which was a you know an educational podcasting platform with college courses and lectures and those kinds of things as well. That's all been folded into the apple. Podcasts platform now that the whole educational side. I mean how important i- i'm just curious. How important is the educational side to to apple. As far as working with the universities. I know back then. They're working pretty closely with like stanford and a lot of the big big colleges. Is that still going on you. Know yeah i mean look. I wanted to obviously be really careful and all of our conversation to make it clear like i'm not. I'm not speaking on apple behalf. And so i ask How important is it. It's it's hard for me. Sort of provide that kind of answer. But you know what. I would just say as you know what was exciting about. It you in the project that they had there it was. It was a project that really saw the opportunity and mobile learning the very early days. So this this project started back in two thousand and six. I wanna say it was not too long after podcasting itself really started and it was the result of you know apple and duke university thinking about how the ipod the original ipod could be used in mobile learning.

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