A highlight from BGN 238 | Author Jason Michael Primrose

Black Girl Nerds


Of the black girl nerds podcast. My name is jamie and this episode is hosted by ryan. We are excited to bring to you. Authored jason michael primrose and he has a new book out. Which is going to discuss on this. Podcast you know. Jason has been obsessed with conceptualizing alternate worlds and characters since childhood. Their origins were devised as allegorical and subconscious outlets that express both his trials and triumphs as an lgbtq plus person of color and struggles with finding his boys focus and purpose as a multi hyphen creative and out of this. The loss children of andromeda universe was born. Well he is here on. The black girl nerds podcast to talk about his new book. Twenty five the time and salvation. So if you are a fan of all things sci-fi and dystopia ian and post apocalyptic and all of that interesting fun fantasy filled stuff. You're gonna love this episode. trust me sit back. relax. And i hope you enjoy this. Episode of the black girl nerds podcast. What

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