A highlight from Mother's Day


Good morning good afternoon. Good evening wherever you find yourself in this entire world. I welcome you. How are you doing my friend. I hope this note finds you well and safe at this time. Each year in many parts of the world we celebrate mother's day for most. This is a joyful day when we get to visit our mothers or if they live far away send them flowers gifts and cards and let them know what a significant contribution they made in our lives. Today's day to pack up the car with favourite foods and baked goods. We lovingly prepared or purchased and head over to our mom's house to enjoy her family's company. Maybe she's a little older now and it's our time to welcome everyone to our home and prepare a wonderful meal but for those whose mothers have already left this earth it can be a melancholy day. There is a sense of sadness and loneliness for the woman we can no longer hug and kiss and speak with and confided. No one whom we can appreciate on this day. Children teens adults midlife and even older adults all long for the days when they were held kissed loved consoled fed todd and even sometimes scolded by their moms for some. They will commemorate their first mother's day without their mother when mother stay comes around. I usually have mixed emotions. I'm grateful that my own mother along with the other mothers. I've had the privilege to still enjoy my godmother my aunt my friend jeannie all who really get me since i'm anything but conventional than my thinking these ladies have made a considerable mark on my life. They've been there when things weren't going as expected. When i was sad and lonely. They listen to me. When i needed to vent and gave me advice when i wasn't quite sure what road was the best one to go down my grandmother and nanna who are no longer here with us also. They were mother figures to me. They were the ones who were there when we arrived home from school. When i'd stay over my grandmother's house she let me stay up late later than usual. And when my mother we call to confirm i was sleeping. My grandmother would say while i was sitting right next to her. Of course she sleeping and then we both laugh after she hung up the phone and then she looked at me and say now. This is our little secret. Your mother can never know otherwise. We'll both get into a lot of trouble so it was our thing together. My nanna came to live with us when we moved from the city to the suburbs. When i was twelve we had a big house now so there was room for nanna there. She taught me sewing. Baking cooking knitting crocheting and needlepoint. I remember when i learned how to make clothes for my barbie dolls. The funniest thing. I remember was went on sunday. She would make sauce for our italian dinner and many of my aunts and uncles and their children. My cousins would come over. So one sunday we opened the tomato paste and when the can opener pierced the can the paste went flying up on the ceiling. My word it was such a sight to see. We didn't know whether to laugh or cry. What an absolute mess. Can't you just see that. I'm sure you've had special times that you remember about your mother your aunts. Your godmother grandmothers and other mother figures who loved you taught you so much and was there for you during good and bad times. Mother figures in our life whether we have experienced our mother's death or not today on mother's day these memories will surface. You might remember past mother's day's like having all the mothers meet for family brunch or dinner. Either at someone's home or at a restaurant if you've experienced your mother's death especially if yours was a wonderfully close relationship. This day can bring you enormous pain. You miss her physical presence the way she spoke to you the way. She carried herself her sense of clothing. The sacrifices she made for your benefit how she made you feel so special went out of her way to comfort you when needed and all the caring thing she did as you were growing up the special food. Prepare the activities. She attended the trips. You may together as a family or just the two of you whether your mother has died recently or many years ago. Mother's day can sting and sting badly because you recall all things she meant to you and what life would be like now had she not been taken when she was if she died. When you were an infant child teen or young adult you feel cheated all the years you could have had with her. She might have died in childbirth. Or when you were too young to truly remember her and you perhaps rely on your father and other relatives to refresh your memories and take out old photos of her if she died when you were old enough to remember yours is a difficult hurt watching your friends and even cousins being raised in loved by their mothers. But you don't have that luxury know how unfair the says yet. You wonder what it's like to be in their shoes and have a woman who would nurture you as you start to come into your own. If she died when you were becoming independent you also wonder what it would have been like to include are in your college years packing your things buying what you needed for your dorm room and of course missing her when you graduated from each school grade school high school in college. She was not in that seat. Perhaps next to your dad and how you wished she was. She would have helped you. Get your first apartment. Cheer you on when you had your first jobs and encourage you. As you

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