A highlight from Episode #539 - Keep It On The DL - Tony Hinchcliffe


To a portion of you that are jerk offs. I'm your host big j. o. Kherson skaggs are all here. Of course we have david smith. The very clumsy dame's with all right. extra clumsy defending else media champ to puerto rican rattlesnake lewis. Jayco how doggies was something. Mother fuckers the rattlesnakes. Here back the fuck up you back the fuck up. A rare guests on our. We've been doing so many of these shows just three of us but we have a great friend of ours. Who was able to come on today from the kill tony. Podcast and as one shot special on netflix. It's the hilarious. tony cliff. everybody hi guys. What's up buddy on netflix's anymore. I it was a two year licensing deal i liked the better. Yeah still got it can resell it to some other new streaming garbage site in gas digital remain garbage. Did i hear my my ears. Perked up tony twenty. Actually rents a An empty apartment to do all of his podcasts. And it's crazy every time he doesn't show corner of a salma sexual yoga studio that i just got done sweating out some demons at and it wasn't from yoga spoiler alert but it wasn't a steam room. Yeah other spoiler alert. How austin brow. We haven't talked to you since you moved down there. I know it's so much fun. In fact i remember the last time i was on the show. I was making fun of you guys for being in new york because everything was spiking there and los angeles is numbers. Were so low. And i was saying you guys live in a dirty steam pot disgusting wasteland where everybody's piled on top of one another and then You know that was like bragging about the score. Before tom brady comes back to slam you in the fourth quarter because l. la got super shutdown. And but anyway austin's fucking amazing. We're having so much fun out here. The food's great shows her capacity basically. The corona virus really doesn't exist here. I don't know if you guys have been to texas or florida but it's so much fun we're having a blast and it's incredible. Six stand up shows seven. Stand up shows this week. Like packed shows that's awesome. Yeah my daughter. My daughter was moved down there. Like august-september not for just the oscars the city's just like has a cool city. Yeah danny brown. Just moved here. the rapper. A lot of people moving here not just for comedy but just for for life suspect. Well how do you know. The jay's daughter loves rappers. How did you know that. Did you ever seeking suspicion a lot of a lot of girls whose dads look lake. Big jay love if you know what i mean. It's true jay. Jay also out wrong jays also coming to us from a teenage girl's bedroom my little dancing princess on the wall that way it really j. Can you fuck in. Can you move your dream catcher out of the way. It's distracting my doj. Oh there's christine's christine's family her her mom and dad's coke spoon jewelry. She has hanging up. Which i've never seen before. That's a weird one. I just happened upon yesterday. Coxon jewish yeah like a necklace that she is a spoon. Pull up coke coke spoon things that we could by just in case i ever get into coke again. So i'm going to phrase that just for when i get into coke again for way down the road if even ever you know this we In two weeks when we go to also hang out with tony. There's no way. I'm not doing cocaine when i do. Kill fucking tony. He do it afterwards. Save it for right after the show way. Don't you bring it up coach straws dude. How fucking that donal thing went viral hans. That was yeah. That was a wild night. Yeah that was awesome pick. He did not expect He did not expect that young buck to make fun of them. And i can happen even really make fun. It was like so like. I think that was so drunk. He just had no gain and then he just went super serious and shit and it was. It was a mistake. It was every mistake. You could make an scenario exactly. And he's funny. He's such a fucking hilarious guardado. Yeah absolutely hilarious. But i think there's something about you know there's something about something. I think he looks at it like these young guys should never have a chance to like even shoot a shot. I think you guys are crazy. I thought he handled it. Great monologue david david lukas. What i what. I read him at the back. And flavors like fucking great for him was like putting him over in a way. It's so much fun and the thing with that night. Though was i think you know he'd he knew david. Lukas wasn't there that night. And so i think he thought that he had the night off roasting but the guy one thing that that video doesn't show is that that guy aloe mean another big black guy He is a golden ticket winner. Which in the folklore of kill. Tony means that there's only been like six of those guys ever from around the world like one in australia won in england and five in america. And anyway that's when you have a perfect set and a perfect interview like your every answer to every question is just destroying you win the golden ticket which means you can cash and do a spot on any kill tony ever for the rest of eternity and that was that guy's first time ever cashing in. He wanted that. Big black guy lives in the middle of and he flew to austin to cash in for the first time in donal showed up late to kill tony that day so i didn't get the warn. I'm like hey this is sort of like a

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