Rockets Over Jerusalem: Israeli-Palestinian Violence


Yesterday. In the worst outbreak violence in years the palestinian militant group hamas fired more than two hundred rockets towards jerusalem before israel responded with airstrikes on gaza health officials. There say twenty four people including nine children were killed prime minister. Benjamin netanyahu said israel does not seek escalation but whoever chooses to escalate will feel the weight of arm. I moved on holy among the conflict. Follow the annual jerusalem. Day march by jewish nationalist which commemorates israel's catch of east jerusalem in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven stadiums see as a provocation. The atmosphere. this year was worse than normal. After a weekend of protests in which nearly three hundred palestinians and more than a dozen israeli police officers were injured. Thousands of worshippers gathered aksa mosque saturday. The holiest night of ramadan but police blocked busloads of muslims on their way to the mosque. Citing unrest in the neighbouring shake. Jared street over a court ruling on the possible eviction of palestinian families from their homes. Now tensions boiled over the un security council cheddar urgent meeting but failed to issue a statement while international leaders. Such as america's secretary of state. Antony lincoln appealed for calm focused on the situation in israel west bank gaza very deeply concerned about the rocket attacks that we're seeing now that need to stop stop immediately

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