Are the Utah Jazz a real threat


Once play resumes in the second have Utah off to a tremendous start. 27 9 on the year they're doing it with great spacing, knocking down tons of threes and getting good looks while doing it, So I don't know if it's necessarily fool's gold. I don't think a bill to keep that pace up. Even if it is good looks. But they also played great defense is not a team that is just out there. Shooting the lights out from beyond the arc night in night out. They played tremendous defense. So Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert and think about it, too. Where we've come from in a year, you know, a full year almost Um, where Rudy, go bear. Started the shutdown of sports. With Corona virus on the court. And you know, then gave it to his teammate Donovan Mitchell in there was talk throughout the course of, uh, you know, the off season one The pause was happening. The shutdown was happening that Mitchell was upset that there would be a break up with Utah between go burned out of a Mitchell and here we are now a year later. At the old Star break Utah 27 9 and have lost two straight by the way to get to those nine loss is still the best record in the NBA but led by all stars Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert. So who cares what they get drafted? And some stupid, silly, gimmicky. Way to come up with the an All Star competition would team LeBron Verse team. Katie can't stand that, but anyway. Um, you know in the West Can Utah be taken seriously to beat a fully healthy Lakers team? We don't right now than awfully healthy with Anthony Davis out, but you have to assume he's going to come back healthy. And if he does Will the jazz be able to compete with them? That'll be the big story line of the Western Conference in the second half. Can the Clippers get things turned around a little bit were there you know, and now they've lost three straight. So have a good record, but still don't look like a championship contender. New coach. Same result. Same stuff with the Clippers, where they're not playing as well as expected. Phoenix has done a nice job and the West, but I don't know if anybody really takes them seriously, just yet. They're young team Chris Paul, leading them. And him and Booker been great, But I don't know the sons can do any real damage. Nice to see those from different teams

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