How Automation Can Create a Better Future of Work

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Thanks so much for joining us on the show. Thanks for having me. David them happy to be here. Well i'd love to tee up for audience where you are today with your startup. You've been scaling up. Very involved with enterprises very involve product releases and this movement is exciting. I'm really interested to hear that as someone who's an educator and developer to see that there's exciting tools out there to build and make products so can you share with our audience. About what tonkin does today. oh yeah absolutely. I think you touched any important point. There duncan We raised a round right before the garona pandemic it's so Of twenty twenty in being going rapidly since. It's very exciting time for us. Duncan is almost five years now. And so i like to say that i've been singing the same song for five years in you know it wasn't the same market as it was five years ago which is a great thing for us in. I think you touched on the important point. What does it mean to enable more people to use software. And what impact would that have own enterprises in business in everyone's life. I think that's what we're all about. It's been amazing to see in the last decade how this movement that started perhaps with companies like your has now grown into these verticals of mar tech and sales tack and building for anyone. What inspired your growth and tonkin to scale. I think the biggest moment for me. It was actually my previous jobs before. Starting talking i was engieering in a public company public softer company in had the opportunity to grow my team quite rapidly join cuisine and gritting their from on handful of people to over one hundred fifty people until so really doing very couple years. Maybe when you think about the challenges that comes with growing operations there's internal challenges and then there's the external oranges of working with parliament and in really walking across different processes. Now i'm a software guy. I've been writing coaches. I was standing result kind of thing in so for me. It software should always be the solution right. Always the first bush to go to an even though we had all those great tools in place and you know the top. Crm's in the top medium project management tools in like most companies.

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