Ma'Khia Bryant, Police Brutality and Finding Solutions


So. I think we should start with the mci of ryan shooting. I think that that has been the instance that has been mo- more in the news lately. I mean it's been obviously the more recent one between that michelle in case What are your overall thoughts on on this case on the shooting. I saw kaya. Brian incident the minute once. Everybody's telling them hash started like you know what hive seen enough of these are. I've already went to the remorse. And the the ill feelings that comes along with to pay attention and then someone said he arrived on the scene shot within love and seconds up their minds. The tamir rice thank granted. I didn't get to look anything. I'm just like all right. Let's go That also a quick video also invested into the ground and then the cop shooting cup shooting. Someone and i'm like okay. So he shot someone in the back Four times unless like she got shot in the chest four times and she has met from when she didn't have the nevada. See of my. I those in the beginning. Then it was in the annals. Wait a minute. I can necessarily say this level of aggression. I think it's a typical white cop black teen situation than to say who to call the cops analogies exhilarating opinions. I wasn't sure what to make of it but it's still something that divides the intra community of least within the social media world.

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