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There now. Who how you guys doing. Well wherever you may be feeling fine as you can tell you know got my little excessive flannel on just to kind of mix up because we're realizing the for some reason. I kept wearing the same flipping fleece every hour recorded so i just switching up again pull something out the wardrobe change up now. You're listening to the audio side of it. You have no idea. And no recollection of one talking about but should have changed one for another type of fleece taught type of jacket with a zip thing with some slow tutton check print on the same old same old. Nothing changes of me. At least i'm consistent. And least i'm present. Oh god what would been up to wellbeing up to nothing much i have. I went to brighton for the weekend. We for the day daytrip for to brighten the brunettes birthday and stuff so went to hang out. There have dinner. you know. see the sights. Walk around you know. Go to the beach. I was a little apprehensive about going. Because i didn't really give a crap and then when i went down row is a great experience some of that fresh sea aaron and it made me think remember early in the pandemic when everyone was running especially in the uk wherever you live in the uk. Everyone was like running away from london and heading to the nearest closer they could find to get some fresh seib ed because the understanding was that if you went you know someone need to coast and breathe managed to breathe some fresh air. You kind of giving yourself a better chance of surviving or battling against the effects of cloven. I don't know what the idea was about. Suppose we'd all people did it. And i was really like all. These people are so dumb. How did they think go to the beach. Gonna make a difference but it might not make a difference in terms of scientifically in terms of actually combat into various. Pretty sure right. We can probably go out on a limb. Say it probably isn't going to do much standoff flipping brian pier and just take a good inhale as as a from. You know maybe getting some -sego doodoo knows but it does for you mentally and what it does for like physiologically. Can you say that. And it's something that you can't really quantify and it does make a big difference especially for someone myself who lives in the heart of london you no hustle and bustle busy road outside of my apartment. Busy train stations to and fro living a paced lifestyle to go somewhere like a bright where it's like. You know the closest thing. We have to like a village basically within an hour's distance of london. The pace is much slower. And there's a beach right next right next door basically as you come at the station. It's like were ten fifteen minute walk is incredible and really puts you at ease here in the sound of the waves crashing up against the beach stony beat for the most part no sound or whatever still better than nothing You know hearing kids playing around you. Dogs barking see goes were seagulls do. It's really really relaxing. I'm gonna be honest it really. Isn't it made a really big difference to my overall mood that day. Now don't get me wrong. I've been in a great musso for my best sort of like spirits but mentally and physically because mostly because the gyms gyms reopen which gave me a boever structure to my day. Now the workings. Of like i said before. I'm sure most people are similar. When i've got one it's time for me to work. I wake up like five minutes before. I need to get to work because i'm working on my laptop which is usually on the side of my bed at the desk. I'm going to have to move that far which then kind of led to of lazy tendencies. I'm not really haven't really done in a while. I think basically in that way. I would describe myself as somewhat a type you know somewhat but i like to have you know. Let's have my little structure to be busy of lou projects and whatever they may be and i guess that really helps me to kind of meet the voices in my head offering for the most part. It's not the best way to deal with my issues but it works for me. It worked so i have no. It's a remarkable difference since the gyms have opened. Because it's meant. I have to wake after he go to sleep an hour work. Wake up at a certain hour and next week it's going to be even better because gym's open from six. Am so i was doing. Prior was insane. When i was when it was prior of couple of few years ago. I'd be waking up at like five. Am to go for a run comeback record a podcast to six to seven Do oh my you know wim hof breathing stuff from like seventy eight and then head out to work so by by basically ten pm to ten. Am i don everything. I needed to be done on the main reason. Why did that because you know. I hated my job so i was trying to do whatever i could to make all this other stuff outside right. So which is paul causing. Dj in making scenes right on blogs and stuff trying make whatever. I can work outside. So i could just get some traction and in as soon as i could make the same amount of money i was making my bottom job. I'd lead the full time to just bounce in. It was kinda plan of rule. But i was able to keep up that ridiculous pace plus doing an hour reading language learning. You know going to the gym. At that time.

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