Five Nationals players will miss opening day after a COVID-19 positive


News for the nationals as they find out a positive test and assess their charter plane on a charter plane heading back from Florida earlier this week. So that results in five players gonna be out tomorrow for opening day for those being close contact with the positive players. So Mike Rizzo and David Martinez got to make some roster decisions before tomorrow. Max jurors Jacob the ground by the pitching matchup on opening day. Mike Rizzo knows starting with the Mets and he got Braves cardinals in there tough schedule out of the game. You gotta hit the ground running and you gotta scrap in play every game like you know, like it's a playoff game. Now you gotta start off that with that mindset. You know, we kind of flipping really say, you know, you know, let's go wanna know today that's gonna be our mindset from Game one. We we've got to Graham and tomorrow night and I always say to you know, tonight's the biggest game of the year and I'll say that just thought every every time we tee it up, and and I think that's good. Have to be our mind set going forward.

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