Apple leads $50m investment in music distributor UnitedMasters


Apple has led a fifty million dollars series. B in music distributor united masters again leading the round alongside other usual suspects like a sixteen z. An alphabet this is notable because while apple does do acquisitions all the time they tend to rarely do venture investments according to dan per mak. The last time apple participated in venture capital round. Much less lead. One was a two thousand seventeen investment in detroit. Shing quoting techcrunch. If you're unfamiliar with united masters it's a distribution company launched in two thousand seventeen by steve stoute a former interscope and sony music executive the focus of united masters is to provide artists with direct pipeline to data around the way that fans are interacting with their content and community allowing them to connect more directly to offer tickets merchandise and other commercial efforts united masters also generally allows artists to retain control of their own masters. Neither of these conditions are at all typical in the music industry. In a typical artists deal recording companies retain all audience and targeting data as well as masters this limits and artists ability to be agile taking advantage of new technologies to foster a community currently united masters has deals with the nba espn tiktok twitch and others that allow artists to tap big brand deals that would normally be brokered by a label and manager. It also has a direct distribution app that allows publishing to all of the major streaming services. More importantly artists can check stream fan and earnings data at a glance and

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