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I love this podcast. Support this show through the acoss supportively. It's up to you how much you give. And there's no regular commitment. Just hit the link in the short description to support now. Fifteen seconds guided journal chan admission sequence. Uh nuts three to space as what it feels. Good hello once again. Thank you for joining us on the space. That's podcast andrew dunkley with a good friend professor fred. What's an astronomer at lodge. Hello fred andrew. How're you doing a good friend. Now i'm on it that you know it's good to see you again. Hope you will get good excellent now on today's program we are going to be looking at lots of stuff. Which is what we do in the space. And that's podcast astronomy spiced ci- and stuff. We got to talk about your little trip down to adelaide shortly. Which is very exciting. Something happening dan. We gotta find out about the magnetic fields of eighty seven the black hole and an echo and other echo from the exo asteroid known as borisov which we talked about andy recently but this was the second such ex asteroid that passed through. Of course the space. Do the first moore moore which is no longer a doogie. It's a cap had explained that last week some audience questions as well about whether or not other planets have magnetic pulse now. I've never even considered the possibility so they have. It will look into that and had a photograph. Distant objects photon rates. Whether or not dogs and cats can live together in harmony. We're gonna cover it all this week on this space nuts podcast but i let's talk about your little sojourn yet to the city of adelaide the city of churches in south australia where there is going to the australian space discovery. Santa is that is that officially opened yet or is it still in it. Isn't it no no. It was launched. It's a law space thing so it was launched but in fact he's not the public for about another month for a little bit more there. Okay test test running it with groups booked groups and things of that sort just to make sure everything works out or an older displays. They all hold up a where the public. With all due respect the public can be quite rough on exhibitions things. It's it's a tough gig. Franek an exhibitor but the stories that first of all the story starts with the australian space agency which to being a bit more than i think it's two years ago now but then they got their headquarters which are in adelaide about a year ago. They moved into what used to be a hospital. And it's a repurpose building is called lot. Fourteen has lots of tech organizations within it including the australian space agency and which set up shop there. As i said about a year ago my connection is kind of two fold but basically because the government department i worked for also overlooks the space. Agency's part and parcel of the same. It's the same ministry ministerial portfolio. So we know for the past year. So the i've been involved with this. They've been planning an exhibition public exhibition space discovery center to showcase australia's place in space. The advertise the way australian industry contributes to space including the moon tumors a program that nasa has part and parcel of that and also to let people know just how much space activities affect their day-to-day lives at nearly everything. We do has got a space connection. Usually through communication satellites weather satellites or resources satellites a whole so. Many people don't realize i and that's really the focus of the exhibition. The exhibition was essentially setup under contract by cuesta. I beg your pardon by con sorry question. Which is the the national science center. Cuesta is a makeup telescope. Long time ago they the national science center and they took responsibility for building the exhibits questioning connie's also part of the same government department. That i mean it's a little bit incestuous but it all worked very well and my involvement was via com. We had a working group to look at the kind of exhibits that you might put together.

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