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The bear episode 35,000 Mi Fernandez episode. This is on honor of Manny Fernandez calling all his in all his glory with the Bruins back was it? Oh wait 09. I think it was I want to say oh a home or 708 was Alex Auld if you go into that that was itsfunneh weight budget Alex all the best pads in the league when it's funny when you're a little kid you remember those Bruins teams for the slowest sports teams, like like the back of your hand, you know, like I knew those Bruins teams in side note. But yeah, so I miss Meredith's keep those who don't know that's kind of ride a Boston Sports Journal Connor how we doing. I'm doing very well. How you doing? I'm doing well. I want to say a late happy birthday people going to be two days later, but your birthday was on Tuesday, and everyone's one on your birthday month. That boom unbiased as an unbiased reporter that must have felt great. It makes the the day easier when you don't have to do the same thing of writing about how they can't score and even song which was I think the case for the last two weeks prior so nice change-of-pace. Yeah another goalie step in a young player if you get excited for that damodar played very very well was very very long after the game which is good to see a guy like him get kind of rewarded for all of his work put in the last couple of years. So it was good. It was good. It's a good day to write about the Bruins for sure and it was fun. Cuz again, it had the new stuff I should say to people in these Dog Days of the season this there's a lot of stuff is the same. There's not a lot that changes from game to game. Just people know for a long stretch of games up until Tuesday night off even still Tuesday night. The story was, you know, the five-on-five scoring isn't there no one's going outside the top line, but it you know, you got some new stuff. What are you know, ask your steamer? And that's where I want to start with with the the farm system with the with the p-bruins with the with the prospects that they have. It's very talked about that the Bruins I don't have an elite farm system. They don't have these guys who they can trade for Jack eichel go back to it all goes back to Jack eichel took a trip Ralph Krueger, or maybe we'll give Buffalo a bit of a spot before they play the Bruins, but I don't know man that seems in rough shape. So yeah that team that team is having a tough time. So so, you know when it comes to the farm system one thing we've seen this season is guys coming up and playing really well from Providence in their home small last time again, we only saw senyshyn for a little bit. He looked really good on the fourth line Oscar steam looked really solid Tuesday night on that third line Jacob. Sboros held his own. I know he's been a guy who stood down there really long time. You have to invalid are stepping in. It is the farm system better than people give it credit for I think maybe from a national angle. I mean, I think going into the year. I want to say that they ought to the 31st ranked bomb system by the athletic and again like this is you know, let's be lets you candidly not like it's not like this van systems like cage LA Kings of the docks of the Rangers are few of these other teams where they've got, you know, three or four guys who send them for either have you know, top six potential or off, you know top four D, you know, it's not that but I think you kind of look across the the prospect pool of the Bruins have had and whether it's guys that are up in the league right now, you know looking at Frederick and Lowes lawn and Beryl or guys that are you know, right on the cusp of it. It seems like the very least roll out quite a few guys at least wage. Become established NHL regulars. I mean, I think you look at Jeremy. Lausanne is Jeremy lausanne, you know the Bonafide top pairing defenseman. I don't I don't think so yet but life is definitely going to be an NHL regular I think for his career. I think it's Burrows flying into that same role where he can he can be a consistent NHL defenseman Frederickson that he's going to be at least, you know, took him six regular on the Bruins or another team for a long long time. You're curious to see what what Jack saniga has surrendered his game but I think he's a guy that's going to be in the league for a long time. And then I think you know, it's not just affected. You've got kind of this next wave of the sboros and the back and I am and and those guys up in the league right now, but also think you've still got you know, a sizable amount are right on the cusp of making it up here. So, you know, it's funny you look at Danville. Are you know was Fern away the reason why that one that game on on Tuesday, but God. Lean in today against you get my just want to Jeremy swimming instead. We just kind of a a statement. I'm just how good the the Bruins young goalie core is that you know damodar has been a great down in Providence the last two years but Jeremy's woman's been just unconscious right now, right at 7010 and 9942. I think same percentage. So you look at him you look at the way they add guys through college free agency like

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