Kansas splits with athletic director Jeff Long two days after parting ways with Les Miles


Get you updated on what is happening in lawrence kansas. Where less mild was let go the other day and then this afternoon the man who hired him and presumably let him go has also been shown. The door crisslow joining us on that story and others. Chris thanks for the time. Always good to have you on and give us the latest. How did how did how did this happen. So quickly with jeff long. It's great to be with you. Always i I really felt like we heard the news about less miles that this was just it was going to happen with jeff law and just did not senior way. He would survive. I think what happened in a lot of donors a kansas at the end of the day. The president a chance to learn. Douglas giradi heard from several influential donors that they just did not want to be the guy to hire the next head football coach and i think when you look back sort of having all the down with less weight ended there that The more that they thought about it. And i think jeff athletics look long enough to know he said in a statement. Today was going to be a huge distraction more hung around and and they wanna make a clean break. Bring somebody else in to hire the knicks head football coach. Oh by the way they got issues the basketball program. Well they certainly do. And i saw her. Danny manning announced that he was a contender for the ad job. But as we. I don't know whether tennessee is the template but you do need an athletic director to get in there. Fairly quickly don't you. Yeah you don't the what's your proverbial tail wagging the dog. So yeah you gotta bring somebody else somebody. And it's going to be the ad someone that's that's gonna be the football coaches boss. I tell you name to keep in mind. Travis goff and northwestern we went to kansas undergrad. There how highly respected and sort of in the world. And he's a guy that you're going to hear a lot of push for from donors from influential people there k you to bring in to come in higher this the next head football coach. I think a guy will be certainly equipped to deal with. What's going to come their way on the basketball front as well talking to crisslow chris. Let me just take a step back and go back in time time to lsu and unless miles and after this information dumped the other day and learning much more about what happened down there and what didn't happen. I'm curious as a reporter who has covered so many scandals in so many so many big stories in college football just your your takeaway from from the progression of that program with with joe alita and less miles to to really where it is now and where does it go to try to clean up a rather tattered reputation. Yeah you think back to two thousand eleven ten years ago paul. Lsu's on top of the world now. Granted they lost alabama national championship. But that was a great football team In in a team that was is elite as it gets and now here. We are ten years later and they won the championship last year. But a lot of things off the field. A lot of things going on you know you. You always felt like there at the end of his tenured. Lsu that there was a lot of people. They're out to get him. When i say out to get him that wanted to move on. I just felt like they could do better. But as you know you know the sec. As well as anybody yeses. He thinks they can do better. Except for maybe in tuscaloosa And i think the some of the political forces around lsu sorta helpless. We're on his side to leave. Certainly it and four games the sixteen season they got it in. You heard jimbo. Fisher's name all sorts of aim. Tom herman the end up with a lot of people felt like that was never going to work with all the old winter national championship last year and really a great job assembling people going out and getting staff around in but now here we are off the field with this complete invested in investigation. As some of the way things have been handled with sexual assault domestic incidents going back before was head coach So you're right. There's there's a lot on their at lsu Just like kansas. You've got issues with the basketball team as well So it's It's a mess right now. We'll see where it all

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