Nikola Jokic climbs past Dikembe Mutombo for impressive Denver Nuggets record


Yokich. Okay. All right. He's the franchise leader and double doubles right now. Yeah, and I haven't said this name in a long time on this broadcast, so I'm gonna give it a go. He passes Denver Nuggets legend Don't know You're not going to do it all. Are you, Kim Bain Will Tom Bo mop Alando Mo combo, Zhaan Shock One will tumble, John. I mean, kind of a nice job. I think you got pretty close to Carol. I can't. I can't remember my kids. Middle name is but I got that. Yeah. Joker now is has more double doubles than anyone in the history, The Denver Nuggets, and he's 25 doesn't feel like he's just getting started. Dude. Yeah, he had been here that long. Incredible. He was a plus 20 miss one shot tonight. One shot out there, Right, right. I mean, come on, joker would I don't even know what you're doing at the cellar, The yoke its killer. Tell me and Charlotte they pulled him and didn't put him back in the fourth quarter. I think people might not

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