Echoes, Beeps and Bunnies: Virtual Climate Summit Suffers Glitches


President Biden's virtual summit with dozens of world leaders got off to a glitch field start when he hosted Japan's prime minister last week the president noted it was his first in person meeting with the world leader after months of video conferences there's no substitute for face to face discussions as evidenced in this morning it's also but also I do have I do have your debtor future for all of us the president's opening remarks echoed through an east room decorated like a TV show sets with forty world leaders watching at home then came French president Emmanuel microphones tape remarks uncertainty keystone advisory much Mister president I'm what I now turn the floor to the president in Russian federation has Excellency flood report secretary of state Antony Blinken mistakenly cut him off which left to Putin's silently glancing around the room things got better till president Biden spoke again but but the private sector and echoed again Sager mag Donnie Washington

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