Interview With Ralph Velasco, Professional Traveler, Blogger


Welcome row. Thanks so much for joining us today. Thank you for inviting me. It's great to be here survey cited to hear your stories especially since you travel so much throughout the year and i can't wait to hear the crazy driving experiences that you've had during those travels. So what would you say. Is the most craziest or most interesting driving experience. You've had well. I have had a quite a few about two years ago. Almost exactly and i was in tbilisi georgia. I adjust arrive my first trip there and my local tour operator. Pick me up at the airport. And it'd traffic didn't seem like much to me. But i could tell she was a little bit hesitant driving. I'm the passenger and so she was just kind of taking her time and going slowly being very cautious which was fine and then she says. Don't worry about my driving tomorrow. My father's gonna us. And i'll be able to talk to you and answer your questions to concentrate on the road to be honest in the back of my mind. I'm like oh great i was. I was kind of happy about that. 'cause over all having been to georgia now equivalent of three or four months total. They're driving can is something to be desired. Let's put it that way. So the next day her father and her pick me up at my hotel. He's an older gentleman. And that's you know that's fine. But i'm thinking okay. Great experienced driver. We're gonna be fine so little. Did i know that he just might have been one of the worst drivers. I've ever been with and i had to spend a total of. I think two days with them driving about eight hours a day because they were showing me all around the area which is great and my tour. Operators do this all the time in. Can't be more thankful so. I don't want to sound like i wasn't appreciative. But it was one of those things where i don't know how he did it but he slowed down to pass people and he sped up to be

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