Washington DC area school T.C. Williams to change name


Tonight for two schools in Alexandria, DC, Williams High, which is named after a segregationist and Matthew Maury Elementary, which gets its name from a member of the Confederate Navy, and the next step in the process will be a public hearing now. Alexandria Public School Superintendent Gregory Hutchings is recommending that T C Williams high be changed to Alexandria. Hi. I don't know if you are know this, but our high school used to be Alexandra High School. So the first high school now is the engine was Alice in your high school in 1901, and he thinks Matthew Maury Elementary should become They only Brooks Elementary in honor of a beloved former teacher, one of the first in her family to go to college and to lead to go to college and come back to her hometown, where she was born and raised, And she comes from a history of black excellence and in the city of Alexandria. A public hearing on these recommendations will be held March 18th. For the school board votes on them in April. Michelle Bash

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