A highlight from EP191: The Essential Guide to Photographing Your Hair Work with Dan Thomas


The hairdressing industry podcast. Today is a really special wound because joining me on the show is somebody that i originally interviewed back in episode eleven. Two thousand and seventeen with the podcast. I didn't know in particularly well. But he's now become a really good friend of mine. Somebody the work alongside on the hash. Many of you would have got to know him as the challenge. Mr yes. we are talking about dan. Thomas industry photographer videographer. Welcome to hell to cut it down. Hello and welcome everyone. This is very weird. You isn't it down based on this side of the camera it is. Yeah i'm not usually the side of the camera even even see you mentioned about me being the kind of taskmaster very new same for me that. I'm still trying to get used to so if you haven't listened all what's tend to show. This is our mundi. Livestream that we bring to you every monday. Which would kabala georgia belle. Bersell and dan dan who works with me on the production of it and we. Yeah we got to know each other fruit and grainger. Who's a previous guest of ours. Dan that was our initial contact. Came out wasn't it. Yeah i mean extremely old friends like way. We go back since since i was in college. I mean we're talking at least ten years now. And he's kind of. He's like an older brother to me. So that's how we met. Yeah not so the introduction coming now he referenced you and you've worked alongside him quite regularly on photo collections pretty much surpassed for five years. Now wished we work very close together during his collections in any other collection. We've got a massive amount of stuff coming up especially today with video and on the year aspect of it i. I'm kind of like the much lengthy or south of the hasher are was kind of like the man behind the scenes with dance perfectionist stuff earlier last summer. Yeah i mean that's what's really cool and again for everybody that when you see all the stuff that we produce food hair show is me and dan main. Dan took old. It's hundred during the week coming up with creative ideas but we wanted to bring you back home. Because i know you a lot of strong fools on collections photos and we covered it recently on a hair show and around the chain but i think where we wanted to go today was a lot of people are put off our ni- fruit creating imagery because they see as a really expensive option. What's your take. Is that that rightly so. They just can't enter into great photography. Because i just bond price tag if specifically so comeback collection mark anyway then a lot a lot of people are put off by this perceived notion about it has to costs some people spend up ten to fifteen thousand even gun on twenty thousand on a hat collection but it doesn't have to cost that much and often. This is something i personally. What crying song on trying to get budgets talent as low as possible but let's say for example most people That you have to sow. If it's election south collection you can start with one model and take one good photo. That's a great place to start and you know that's not the most expensive thing in the world of paying for the model and obviously if you're if you're going to you have lots of things to take into consideration you make pies and the tug office and things like that but if you're thinking about it creates man smartly you can always have you can always work arounds. Yeah i think you can a. She'd done a collection with again. Forma guest of ours and it went absolutely global and this was with stockade example. There isn't it because you can kind of look that dan and you would almost think to yourself. There's numerous amounts models for that shoot. That was one mono he used. It's free to four weeks. The model the model wasn't the my you know she's Expensive memento out. She had a low bit of experience. That helps a massive amount when you're on shoes having models wave at least a little bit of experience Oversee for me. He asked me for half the day so that was just a couple of hours anyway. It was very much a case of you know we kind of got in. He knew what he wanted to do with the whigs so he put mon- style them was shot a job done Identity exact budget he had for that but it was pretty minimal and obviously his his his pr agent in really good job of sending around the world sometimes collections. Just kind of tick and this one particularly take and and nothing. That's really encouraging for people to you. Because we had a big debate on a recent. The head showed him. We which you know where referencing which was around the ha collections. And that was a lot of people coming in saying all put off because of this budget. But i guess what you're saying here is well look think outside the box. Get a good team around. You is reading poyton. Yeah because again. If i got on refer back to douse like. He didn't spend money on a stylist clothing stylist so he you know we worked together. We did you do a lot talking beforehand and you you'll create beforehand. You know you can solve a lot of these problems if you have budgetary constraints so we told the signing that came out of it. He ordered from online retailer became style the motto and then we send them back because which he like that and that's a quote best of clothing. Stylus do anyway. So that's not so you don't have to have this whole wounds collection. Go on holidays you tag sewn and obviously tell if you could make buys or if it is just a model than the makeup your busy say slim cleese things a bit. Careful everybody nice. Mba if you're smart about it you always order a bunch of different close. So let's say again. You're the one model you order five or six different outfits. That may seem excessive. If you don't one look. But i guarantee you the last thing you want his order one look arrives and it just doesn't work the that you've done order a couple of different outfits perhaps a accessories if you want them and then just be careful send them back and that said that's a cheap way of getting around the clothing issue. This is brilliant. Because i have to say my early days you know sunny. I wanted to produce glaciers. I never did because. I never to photographer now. Have a good friend. Who's an award-winning which eat. i help. But people will be listening thinking. Dan thomas award winning. You've you've had been winning. Wins at the protest in woes. Having you dan and lots of finalists but i wanna be dead open and transparent here because i think is really important and you may want around this. You may not. But i think he's a maybe daryl hopefully why but i'm gonna put. He's tried to you to get that couple of hours for utica in photograph and the leader and the project. Would you be happy to give us an idea of of budget that you would be looking at two to charge that hairdresser for shoot lot. This which has gone global

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