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Today in our feminist. Utopia governor cuomo resigned and stops kissing young women at weddings or stops being garbage. Human being. I mean he created a toxic work environment not just for the women s but for the men that worked for him to. But we'll get to that. Yes chalet recording on national women's day last year we were on a boat celebrating international women's day with an all female crew for the first time it was amazing and i wish we were back on that boat. We were in a bubble of just being pampered and surrounded by powerful women and it was amazing until covid happened in. it wasn't so amazing and instead of being surrounded in a bubble. We were worried that we were surrounded by five. Rhys but i i was worried. They were gonna cut seattle off because trumpet actually made sounds like well we just isolate seattle. It will spread. We all know how that turned out and happy international women's day. I guess we can start out with some good vibes because today on international women's day joe biden has signed Two executive orders geared toward promoting gender issues. The first executive order establishes a gender policy council within the white house and it's Reformulating that office from the obama administration that was disbanded by trump. But this one is going recognizes. That discrimination happens to both genders. So i think that's a positive thing and we hope that that will lead to more equality not just in the united states but around the world and then the second executive orders directed at the department of education and it Reverses the controversial rule on campus sexual assault and harassment that was issued last year by betsy devos. Donald trump's education secretary. So these are two Positive advancements and we will applaud those with some good vibes and biden also signed an executive order About election rights. And so we'll get into that a little bit more than we talk at the end of the show about. Hr one We can't count on executive orders to save us. But at least women who are on college campuses or more protected now because of that executive order and i am really glad that biden chose to do it today. Yeah we're gonna go from good vibes to pet peeves. I decided Section called pet peeves because this has been highlighted in the news. And it's really annoying me. People miss naming the george floyd trial. It's not george floyd trial. It's derek chauvin trial for the killing of george floyd and we should know derek chavez name as a murderer that he is and when you miss name it and call it. George floyd it places the blame on the victim and causes more pain to the victim's family and misses the point. I think we need to hold. Derek chauvin accountable and make his name famous for being murderer. I think it's the perfect example of a micro aggression that even progressives make without thinking about it and when ted bundy headed trial. We didn't name his victims. We didn't say it was the kimberley trial. It was ted bundy trial. But in this case. I think this is one of those little deep seated things that we don't think about until someone like you pointed out like i hadn't thought about it until i read it in today's research but i hadn't even. I didn't even in all fairness i didn't know the trial was starting so i didn't even know that but we'll do hell no hell of a time finding jurors so the 'cause the videos out there like the Selection process started and then it was halted. There's some concern about whether it's going to be a second degree or a third degree murder charge. So yeah they. They were going to add the third degree murder charge to make sure he doesn't get off on a manslaughter charge. Just go to jail for three years.

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