Portugal join other nations in suspending AstraZeneca shot

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Temporarily. suspending use of astrazeneca's covid nineteen vaccine the world health organization and the european medicines agency are investigating whether there's any link between the astrazeneca shot and blood clots but as npr's jason and reports the w. h. o. Still believes the benefits of the vaccine outweigh any risks. There have been reports of thirty blood-clotting incidents several of them fatal among the nearly five million people who've so far been vaccinated with the astra zeneca shot in europe that buick joseph scientists who swami nothin points out that this rate is less than what would be expected to occur in the general population and so far we do not find an association between these events and the vaccine the who is urging countries to continue using the inoculation while the medical reviews are underway. The astrazeneca vaccine is not yet authorized in the united states jason. An npr

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