A highlight from Trinny London's Trinny Woodall on building 'a brand she can live the rest of her life with'


Founder and ceo of terni lended welcome trinity alone very nice to be happy Thank you for inviting me on. You know it's been a minute since you and i last spoke over the phone not on zoom. But last time we spoke was pre covid pre brexit. A lot has happened. And i'm just wondering you know as you could have prepare for twenty twenty one or kind of what your plans are throughout this year. what are you thinking about. Like what lessons have you learned over the last year with covert and brexit and the millions of things that we've been faced with while i think that it was very distinct last march it was a very different space and we went into last march. We done three hundred and fifty percent growth two thousand eighteen two thousand nine thousand nine hundred so we were coming into the very strong and excited and having really great you know term customer growth and all the things that we were looking for is benchmarks for brands growth and i remember in march in the uk. And i think globally everything sort of halted you know. There was this real. Oh my god you people. If they were doing adspend tons off we stayed at home. We were really worried. And now where a year a little over a year away from that looking back you forget. It's like childbirth. You forget how really tough it was so there was all the changes in a company that suddenly we had to get everyone working at the time. We no one hundred forty people. At the time we were out eight people and getting those people comfortable to how to work productively remotely. Then we looked at. Let's just take either as a c. Suite we kind of sort about to take a breather and see how it goes. We had cash bank. We were in a really high growth but we didn't know what lay ahead and after about three weeks not even earlier that after about two weeks we thought this is really interesting because people are still buying makeup and they're buying like like nothing's happened because so much had happened but they they were buying and and that was very surprising because those first few days at home you know people were talking on food. You know toilet paper. Medical supplies were more important than anything else. But after a few days and people sitting at home there. Was this kind of what i'm doing now. And a lot of people that there wasn't kind of new flow in how we were working from home so there was that time it was like okay. What am i doing well. I'm reading the news twenty four hours a day. That's killing me. So i think what happened for us. Which is very interesting is we decided. I knew that was always this customer. Who followed us on social media. Who hadn't yet converted. You know they were that kind of classic in store customer when you were sea brand you can see whereas digital customer coming from west that really savvy traditional retail likes digital customer coming and where is that customers with alcyone on social. When are you going to open up in nordstrom. When are you going to open up in bonnie's poor barney's now those kind of things as questions we've got on social media and we thought as a brand what can we do to make it easier. We see all these regular customers are buying so we thought let's Launch bachelor appointments. And the day i remember. We launched them. Three thousand went in that one day and we thought as a company that so interesting because what we were saying. You're at home. Just have that time. Redeemable gets pouches and so all those customers waiting for us to come to a store with suddenly becoming customers in the most unlikely of circumstances. And you know this year we also don. We've grown from. We grew from one million at two forty five million pounds. So that's sixty something million dollars. So that's revenue right trinity that's revenue that's revenue so so it's been thought provoking really instinct for looking at your strategy is a business really instinct to look at you. Know we lord something which as a d. to c. brand whether you're in a pandemic or not you will have customers who want to bind to you. The brandon that traditionally grazing in a retail environment. So it's about how do you create for them and environment. That feels different. I'm not gonna say better than retail. Because i don't say one is better than the other. They both offer very different experiences. But one way you feel. You'll need a matt as a consumer in an online environment when you are traditionally retail so so that to me is about bringing emotion into the jani. It's about personalization which is not gamification. But which makes it easier for the consumer to make choices because whether you're in

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