A highlight from Inspired Conversations: EP 9 The Letter


Well kristen it's because our brains are so small. We don't know as much as the menfolk from he. Everybody i'm ashleigh. And i'm kristen and i'm meredith. We want to welcome you to inspired conversations. The podcast steady of the book inspired slaying giants. Walking on water and loving the bible again by rachel held evans. The book is available in paperback and audio. So please follow along with us. Even if you aren't reading along. I think you'll still find this conversation beneficial than entertaining tyrone faith journey today. We're going to dive in to a discussion around the last chapter of the book. Guys the letter and church stories and wasn't super excited about this one yet. I ended up really liking it. Me too i really did. I mean i should learn by now that whenever there's something that i'm not excited about she's gonna make it. But yeah i was like really. We're going to dig into paul which is going to go. That's why i wasn't excited. Never been a big fan of paul. But we'll get into that. I probably wrote more on the pages of this chapter than any of the other ones. Wow i did. There was a couple of pages where i'm like. Why don't i just highlighted. Page page knows a good one. Well let me share a little bit. About how rachel evans describes church stories. Twenty two the new testaments twenty. Seven books aren't actually books. Their letters while literary epistles letters were common in the ancient world the degree to which the genre dominated early christian communication instruction is striking of course the authors did not consider their letters scripture at the time nor did the recipients. The concerns of the world's first christians were far more practical how to get financial support for ministry how to respond to arguments. That gentile converts needed to be circumcised. What to do with the influx of poor widows joining the church which roman laws to observe in which to challenge and most importantly how to foster theological communal unity between jews and gentiles. Rich and poor men and women new converts and mature christians. Yeah if you wanna go back to the bible and read some of the scriptures. We'll be discussing checkout colossians. Three and four first corinthians team this time or mid rush. This week was focused around. How one of the first churches would have received a letter from paul and read it out loud to the congregation. Rachel held evans writes from the perspective of a woman. She calls alia who comes to the church with her mother-in-law but not her husband. We get the impression that she is part of the lower class and wouldn't normally be seen eating gathering with many different types of people that are gathered at meet fuss house. we read. How a passer-by would find it strange to see them sitting together for meal master breaking bread with his slave. pouring wine for poor prostitute. But this is what makes them different. This is what makes them christians. We see that common thread throughout the story that the christians are doing things differently. Eventually ninfa reads paul's letter and we learn how they hear familiar. Warning in the letter they say in roman household codes such as five. Submit yourselves to your husband's but they are followed by words that jolt such as the following sentence with husbands love your wives words that were not part of the roman household coats. Yeah i loved it. It was so interesting. I didn't know about roman household codes. I didn't either. Yeah that gives the context to this. That like i just i had no clue about. I'm not here for them either. No no no no yeah. Roman society was not a great one. Earn women especially but for many people unless you were a wealthy man really was just pretty terrible. Yeah what were you saying. Before the podcast about like the station of women and children. Yeah oh yeah. Women and children were like very bottom bottom rung and in a lot of households and a lot of a lot of areas in rome mistresses would've even been considered higher than wives and children. I mean what just. oh yeah. They were like super low. Not important easy as over the widows down there too yes like. That's so interesting. Yeah yeah 'cause that's that's i knew. They were all listed together in the bible as women and children like you know. Take care of them for a reason because in a lot of ways if they didn't have anyone that was their family or their structure they were on their own. Just nobody's out there. Nobody's taking care of on protecting him. They're like centrally on the street. Yeah i mean that's interesting. Thought because i feel like a lot of the things that we read impulse letters can be shocking and then the other ones are like we should take care of the widows but that was shocking right people.

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