A highlight from Introducing: Impostors

Sports Criminals


Been fascinated by spy stories. Aren't we all spy movies. Spy novels all that shadowy high stakes drama. It's seductive. my favorites are not the action movie. Spies with guns and gadgets and the ones who use deception false identities. They seem ordinary. But there the furthest thing from it because the best buy stories are about our secret lives what we show the world and what we can seal their about answering one question. Who are you really. My name is french. I'm an investigative journalist. A few years ago. I got caught up in a real life spy thriller. It's not your typical cold war yarn. This tale is rooted in the era of known unknowns. The mid-2000s back when tea party conservatives were considered fringe before fake news entered the lexicon which conspiracy theorists were harder to spot. There lies didn't flow through the public consciousness. So freely our little drama traces the history of the wars in iraq and afghanistan and the toxic tribalisation of american politics in the middle of it. All is a man claiming. He's being framed by the stadium. Crushed by the system. His name is wayne. Simmons wayne says he had a secret life for nearly forty years. But he's not keeping it secret anymore. I was right in the middle of it. And i had intelligence that

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