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Of course oh. Data from works is pretty good. Gain some quick podcastone before the day on rebels. As i mentioned previously this is probably been one of my better periods journal lockdown. You know being able to do the things. I actually love to been able to enforce some level of structure to my day-to-day and now i just need to get more money up. That's basically it get the money up becoming creative again Obviously mentioned previous emily to a few livestream. Dj sets as well so going to get that h of scratched due a few more. livestreams stuff. I'm propane and thinking about doing maybe of dabble my feet back in the promoting poor again if to know me. Playing in bars and pubs probably doesn't materialize until maybe late into the year. Let's say i'm curious about. Because i don't know what to do. I'm not sure if i should be reaching out to some of my old Contexts basel pubs ahead of the reopening. And say hey. Have you got any sports. I can come into play or if i should be waiting for the cool because i assume people are probably harassing people. All if i should just be active and just be looking like i do previously. Because most of my stuff diago beforehand was never inbound. Most villes always always reaching out to things. And i think prior to the lockdown there. My plan was to go and do a no set for the h. o. r. e. radio station burden. So that was a the initial thing. I had some initial contact with them. But then you know. After the first mr contacted kind of die down over a period of maybe that's because they probably just didn't think i was that good enough all most likely because they have hundreds and hundreds of people already their home city that they have to kind of accommodate four and people that are assigned agencies. So he's probably a little bit more difficult than i may be envisage to get on those kind of places but that was a hug. Bright to kind of go on there because you know to to the stuff here in london a few stations as interior the been listen to his be incongruent and i'm just not in just can't do. This is the this is one of my issues of had. Even when i was you know trying to be involved with industry where sneaky and suffering. Whatever and i kind of step back from that kind of did my own thing for a while. I find very difficult to ask for things especially in that capacity and to kind of be around and so of like you know. Do the whole gay people do because there is a game to right in what's coming in good graces of people that run online radio stations is kind of beneficiary if you're like in our people who are also cool with them because i can also help you to kind of jump the queue because i did when i was first promoting one of the reasons why we had the chance to do. The party in alibi was because we were friends. Oh we will. We were cordial with one of the guys that was leading the nike energy marketing front. Who is responsible for the uk store and he was kind of very close with a guy that managed alibi so that was the reason why we go in there and he kind of jumped. Push us up on the list of priorities. Whoever may be figure who just regular guys from the street it probably would have been a little harder for us to get that position and to get this law and again it's it's a bit Irrelevant now because things have moved on but at that time slot was really important. Jeremy review and kinda did allow me to kind of do the things i ended up doing you know do kind of credit s to being a very important part of my overall journey but again that was kind of something that's kind of frustrated me coming give asked me mccaw van at a time opportunity to do so. It wasn't something. I kind of source able to kind of gain tasha if it didn't work out that way so there is a skill and there is a need to do dot com thing by just kind of him and i just i don't know if this ego of his pride over the combination of the two just my delusions of grandeur. I think i'm way better than i am. that's not allowing me to do the so things because have you know my mind. I'm looking at myself like my heroes. Or i'm kind of wanting to aim for instead of who these middling people i don't know what it is by conduit. I know for sure. I've definitely had to present. Show that salt mines definitely holding me back because it's kind of i definitely am aware that having that mindset is probably could be interpreted as being a little bit a little bit probably it could be a little bit. You know a little bit snobby. Maybe it's a little bit of entitlement involved in there to it could be a little bit sense of entitlement has an i. I don't really go around that to be fair. i do of go. I do kinda get my own opportunities. Like times. Where i'll be going out and handing flipping flyest places and say. Hey i've dj's will if you want me to play in the place. I didn't really care about getting in behind the desk being getting behind the decks when gaza where it was just i can guess in time into field because i've always been under de ideal under the illusion that if i just play enough our end up getting bad because i always knew i had to take us into law. People would probably dance to. I just need to obviously gained experience being able to play for live audience. Because there's just there really is nothing like playing in front of a live audience playing playing in a club playing in whatever it may be. Experience is really important to kind of differentiate between you know you being okay and you being amazing and that probably is maybe the speak separating fact when it comes to some of your teaching people you look up to people you think are sick. There's not really the fact that they have access to choose a.

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