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S. I also realize that nobody wants to hear this from a skinny white bitch. Apologies in advance. Our body is the machinery that will carry us to the finish line and unfortunately general maintenance requires some shrivel of physical activity to be equipped to handle the rough roads ahead. If your goal is to incorporate healthy habits into your routine gag me you have two options move your ass or stay in a vegetative state if your goal is to lose weight you also have two options. Move your ass or chew less. That's it solution. Obstacle mentality so if her get some ex lax or hit the gym but don't endlessly complain at a brunch. When you have a solution at your disposal we understand that. Genetics and underlying disease has a huge part on. Somebody's personal journey with fitness and body. Image this guided. Meditation is specific for people looking for the push to get off their fucking asks if that internal poll for physical activity doesn't burn inside your shaven gruntal. This meditation is not for you. If the sheer thought of exercise instantly makes you think of four hundred thirty six reasons why you simply can't fit time in to do so. I say this with love and a hint of judgement shut the fuck obstacles or solutions. Can't make time because of the kiddos ever heard of a nap or a leash put the kiddos and some help had the sharp edges in your home and boston. Quick workout solutions to be clear. A rise and grind mentality is not the objective here at mind body. No so we're not trying to crush. We don't subscribe to no days off. No pain no gain or any. No excuses bullshit jillian michaels. This is about doing the bare minimum to be healthy and maintain a shrivel of physicality and discipline. That said get your ass. It's not that complicated.

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