The Host: The Story of Late Night TV


Night feed island. When i was really young. I began by listening to late night. Shows from bedroom down the hole in my house in brooklyn. My dad would be up late watching and laughing. I can still hear that laughter. Dad was a big fan of steve allen. Who started the whole thing on. Nbc's tonight show in the nineteen fifties. Steve allen has had a huge influence on all the late night hosts who followed especially with the wild stunts used to try like diving into a tub jello. Continued doing stuff like that david. Letterman once famously jumped against a wall wearing a velcro suit. Dad got a lot of laughs. Out of things like alan covering himself in teabags and jumping into a pool then he got a different kind of laugh from the next tonight host. Jack parr who conversation and wit in hollywood one day. You're putting your footprints in cement. The next day nixing it and then came the king. When i was very very young might first memories are watching johnny carson. That's the voice of one of tv's latest and freshest late night hosts amber ruffin and him. Having the coolest delivery i've ever seen a year in which america spent two hundred billion dollars on defense and that was just for condoms that coolness unmatched

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