A highlight from Crocs Are Worse Than Tevas


Podcast. I don't feel like that's even close to the kind of energy we need in this here. Podcast issues okay. Well let's before you get into that because there is actually some serious business to get to. Today i want to everybody watching and listening around the world to all our people in libya to all our people in the balkan area to all the people in The bermuda area welcome to the endless honeymoon. Podcast my name is mosha. Casher gera- she's my wife and she's got some stuff to say but before you get started tosh. I have actually serious announcement to make And i know this is gonna. I know this is going to come as a bit of a shock to our listeners but my harris long and i was unable to cut it due to a lot of complicated stuff. The job that i got completely fell apart the eleventh hour. I don't have the job. I didn't get the job and the my consolation prizes at my hair is still long. He bought himself some tebas war that seper celebrate not cutting your harris. Now you have long. Hair antigua's i say their dope and natasha's been roasting me. There's a lot you've been roasting me about lately physically. What was it. Last night. I was getting ready for. A show is getting ready to go to stand up show. 'cause i'm back doing stand up outdoors only i am not a fan of roasting your husband. But you've been wearing a half ponytail roasting your husband. I think you should be nice to your husband but asked me what my opinion is. No no no no. That's not what happened. I was getting ready to. I was going to. We're putting our child in bed reading some of our favorite bible verses to her as we do every night before we go to bed. I was in the middle of jeremiah. And revelations and natasha says to me hey do you need to take some time to get ready for your show and i was like i am ready for my show. And she's like are you sure i go. Yeah i'm sure. I'm ready with your hair like that because you're doing like half point on top and then long hair falling down Ronin it looks like a contract killer from futile japan and of green gables and green gables. You look like It just looks like a woman female like half a woman. Female just looks like a female harrison. Then get in trouble before when you came to this a podcast with your ignorance about gender essential when you were talking about workout tights and you were saying voice should wear those girls should now. You're saying boy shouldn't wear their hair and half ponytails with the kind of hippy curls hanging down and hanging down i look like a ronan what's ronin. It's a contract killer. It's a it's a it's a steven seagal. Look kind of a thing. A ronin i believe is a an independent warrior. It's a show samurai who doesn't work for a great lord. he's a. he's an independent contractor. I don't like that look on you. You don't like to ronin. Look no i just it doesn't. It's it's not What i remember. It's not what you you were call and then and then you asked me where you're snoopy. Patch was okay. Let me just say. I don't know who you are anymore. Okay well for. That's what she literally said to me. She goes oh. Oh i didn't. It's different different style than than than i remember. It's like remember styles evolves change people. You're like i'm i am fashion forward styles change. I said i'm dope. I can dress well. I'm a good address or it's like one of my primary characteristics. I don't have a good personality. I'm not mentally sort of a advanced at all. I can do crowd work. And i can dress. That's all i got and got a thick dick. Okay well why don't you show people your tebas. Okay i mean what are you guys. I think they're kinda dote like drug dealer in college. You said this joke already know i. I remember him. His name was clay. And look whenever you hear those i think. And he had like a grateful dead blanket outside of his window a quilt. So everyone knew that's where you get the drugs. He put a quilt out. Scaping in normal illinois have drugs currently or come. Get your drugs and it didn't matter right. It's just like time to party. I think i look fresh. Said that you bought them to walk in the river and now you're wearing them on the podcast. Well i'm just trying to be uncomfortable first of all. Let me just say if you're watching on youtube you already know if you're listening to this audio based podcast taking you take a picture because i'm sitting in a pile of laundry right now. A two foot pile of laundry. We forgot to fold the laundry. There is no we. You did this. Because i do the laundry. I how many times and by the way we are not doing well as a couple in caution is we are on the very fringes of separation. But we won't break up for the podcast like well. We might not be together romantically. But as we've said right we actually both signed a pre-nup and it said if we ever start a podcast that goes i get third love sponsorship. You get divorced.

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