the Ultimate Smart Ontario Buyer Hack for 2021


I wanted to talk about the The way things have been going in the market have made things very very difficult for those of you who are buyers so my objective today is to make sure that you guys understand as buyers what your options are in why it might be a better idea to simply skip. The offer came skipped the offer date. I wanna make sure that you are hearing this for me. 'cause you might not be hearing this from other realtors you might not be hearing this from many people but my My background before real estate wasn't fitness trainer. And the thing about being. A fitness trainer is that you have to tell people. Sometimes you have to tell them some very bad news bomb and you have to basically tell them that They need to do something about their fitness. They need to lose weight. They need to you know improve their cardiovascular system. They need to strength train and that is no as easy. Some people are are not happy to hear that news. So when you are in the buying mode specially on -tario you need someone that's gonna be willing to tell you the kind of truth that might offend you And even tell you sometimes not to do things. So i don't know if you're getting that experience if you've had that experience but that's the one big difference that you'll find with me is i. Don't tell you what you need to hear. I will not just make you feel happy about every single aspect of this process. There is a lot of bullshit that goes on. And as you've probably read in the papers and you've seen a lot more people complaining about real tourism. What they've been doing in multiple offer situations that you'll see that many of them don't have very set rules in place. Some of them just basically will have their own offers that they deal with.

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