A highlight from Episode 3 - European Super League Madness


Spot for premier league insight. Unfortunately today we're not going to be talking about the premier league too much. We're gonna be talking about the european super league. And what this means for the future of football's we know it. And it's all coming up right after this. So before we get into the nitty gritty of the european super league. We gotta talk about where we're at right now. In world football there was no season teams have had to play the same amount of games that they've always had a plan and a lot of clubs of lost a lot of money without people being in the stands and without those ticket sales without those jersey sales the merge sales all the food and beverages at the stadiums a lot of clubs are that right now and unfortunately because of this we saw florentino perez. The president of rail madrid in laliga one of the biggest clubs in the world And a team. That always wins the champions league. They've won the tournament thirteen times. That's that's like the super bowl. That's as big as you can get in club football so we see florentino perez. Basically come out and make these plans until the world that hey there's gonna be a new super league. The champions league format right now is not going to be sustainable. Uefa has too much power and so basically florentino perez creates a ragtag group group of Owners and chairman and so he gets andrea agnelli of Of the italian club. You've venues to be the vice chairman. While perez is the chairman and then the other three men that are on this that we're on this board. Were joe glazer. John henry and stan kroenke. The three of these men are men that have interest in athletics and so cranky. He just did a la. I believe he did the entire stadium for the rams and the chargers. John henry is part of fenway sports group. They're the ones that own the boston red sox and they have he's also the owner of liverpool f c in england. And then joel glazer. The glazer family owns the tampa. Bay buccaneers just won the most recent super bowl and he is the co chairman of manchester united. in this group of leadership was Former manchester united executive chairman edward. And so it's a bunch of american guys and then agnelli of you then twos and florentino perez of spain. There were no players. There were no managers. There were no representatives of the clubs other than these six guys basically and they come out and florentino perez says. Hey this is my leadership and we are forming a super league and so as of april eighteenth so this month basically what happened was new york times releases. News that five english teams have signed up for the european super league in those five were manchester. United liverpool arsenal chelsea and tottenham hotspur. These are five of the biggest clubs in england and the other of the big six as they're known as manchester city so later that afternoon it was said that manchester city was interested in joining and along with these english clubs It was also going to be liga's real madrid because of peres. Barcelona athletico madrid with italian clubs. You ventoux because of acknowle. And then the to milan clubs. Ac milan inter milan. And so all these reports are coming out that day on april eighteen and everybody is pissed off whether it's fans whether it's representatives for the club's whether it's workers at the club's whether it's you know it doesn't matter who it is if you are a fan of football this is not a good thing in any way that you draw up and so news was spreading fast in about five pm that day. Manchester united legend gary neville Got on sky sports and they're talking about it and he just unleashed on his former club and on liverpool the two biggest clubs basically that everybody says in england and so his quote was. I'm disgusted with manchester united and liverpool. Most i mean liverpool. They pretend quote. You'll never walk alone. That's their club song. They always sing their anthem. He continues the people's club. The fans club manchester united one hundred years born out of workers around here and they're breaking away into a league without competition that they can't be relegated from its pure greed and so this is the viewpoint of basically world football fans everywhere. For all of these clubs. And you don't even have to be a fan of these clubs to be outraged. There was outrage from everywhere. Because we're gonna use england as an example in england there's like twelve different leagues and so it goes premier league championship league one league to and then you start getting way down there in the ranks you know and it's a lot of kids a lot of young upcoming dudes or a lot of like Late twenties early thirties guys. That weren't that athletic. That are just playing for boyhood gloves and stuff like that so everybody is charged and basically he summed it up because of that. These clubs like manchester united were formed by workers. And that's the case for a lot of these clubs there. It was just a bunch of workers people that wanted to start a club and they did they financed it themselves.

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