US Cruises Could Restart Soon With 'Passenger Voyages by Mid-July'


We found out that cruising might restart emit july with ninety. Five percent of passengers fully vaccinated. Long story short. What happened. Was that usa today. Gunman hands on a letter that was sent from the cdc to the cruise industry late at night. I believe it was wednesday and so this was like the east coast had already gone to bed and we. We're talking after eight. Pm pacific time. This news came out so we waited to film a video until we got more facts on. I believe thursday morning and it turned out that it was completely true. And that most everyone in the cruise industry received this letter. Believe it was from amy. Truffle letty who is the head of the maritime unit for cdc's cove nineteen response team and the letter basically said five k. We'll articles on our website with videos about this. But here's the breakdown. Ships can bypass the required simulated voyages. That were supposed to carry volunteers and jump straight to sailings with paying passengers. If ninety eight percent of the crew and ninety five percent of passengers are fully vaccinated k. Well we talked about in our videos. Where does this leave children. Because we know that kids under sixteen can't get the vaccine right now. The truth is we just don't know. All of the details are pending. Next cd said they were going to respond to applications from the cruise lines for simulated voyages within five days. Which was supposed to take sixty days before. So you're probably wondering. What are you talking about it that you just said that simulated voyages weren't necessarily anymore. Well after listening to the cruise line executives throughout the week what we learned that the cdc is giving them two paths they can take the almost fully vaccinated path to get back to cruising sooner. Or if they don't wanna do that they can still do simulated forages and they'll get a faster response from the. Cdc that's my understanding

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